Save water by your clothes!

Vesify is a marketplace for selling used clothes, buying recycled clothes products. By joining us, you will be an ambassador.

  • Ambassador of what?
  • Water foot print decrease program.
  • How can I start?
  • By joining us as provider or buyer.
  • How it works?

  • When you deliver your used clothes or you process on used clothes, Vesify is calculating the water consumption during producing the (delivered) clothes according to the material and weight and the AI of the market place, produce an image customized for you to share the results in the social media. Vesify AI is gathering all the data all the time and shows a Realtime Report which indicate the total reduction of water footprint in countries.

By sharing the images, all of your friends will be aware of the water footprint of their clothes and you are a Vesify ambassador who love the earth!

Vesify is a platform where you can meet the tailors and designers, you can write review for their works and rate them. After receiving your recycled products, you will have coupons and you can buy recycle products via website with less prices.

Who can be our tailor and designer?

Everyone who are able to work one hour a day. Everyone who has passion to the earth, everyone who wants to have hobby. Everyone who wants to do something useful for the next generation.

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